What to do if the roots, stem, or leaf tips of a hibiscus dry out and why are the problems?

Even with careful observance of all conditions of keeping, the owners of indoor plants may experience difficulties.

Some problems signal the need to slightly adjust the care program, while others require serious measures. It is always very important for the grower to understand the causes of the flower's discomfort.

This article explains in detail what to do if the roots, stem or leaf tips of a hibiscus dry out and why you are having problems. The measures for the prevention and prevention of diseases are described.

Why dry up?

Leaf tips

Usually, an ailment associated with the drying of hibiscus leaves occurs in winter... The provoking factors are insufficient lighting and dry air.

The problem is not dangerous for the life of the plant, it only loses its attractiveness, but you should not ignore this, albeit a seasonal problem.

The following measures will help to restore the aesthetic appearance of the flower:

  1. Arrangement of artificial lighting.
  2. Frequent spraying.
  3. Periodic water treatments under the shower.

In addition to the lack of moisture and lighting, the reasons for the appearance of dry tips on hibiscus leaves can be:

  • Pests... It is necessary to carefully examine the shoots and the underside of the leaves of the plant in order to find traces of the vital activity of the parasites. If they are found, treat with insecticides. Hibiscus pests and diseases are described here.
  • Cramped pot... If roots appear from the drainage holes, it's time to replant the hibiscus.
  • Overdried earthen room. The irrigation schedule needs to be adjusted.
  • Too hard waterused for watering. The flower should be moistened only with settled water.

For leaf diseases, see here.


A dried-up hibiscus trunk signals a pest infestation in the soil.

To solve the problem, you must:

  1. Dig up the plant.
  2. Examine the roots carefully.
  3. If the pests are visible to the naked eye, remove them mechanically, if some of the roots are affected, cut them off completely to healthy tissues. Rinse with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  4. Transplant the plant into a new container with fresh substrate.


Withered roots can be observed in plants that have been in a cramped pot with a dry earthen clod for a long time.

The following resuscitation actions can be taken:

  1. Moisten the soil in small portions for several days.
  2. Remove the flower from the pot, carefully remove the soil along with the dead roots.
  3. Transplant the hibiscus into a new container suitable for the size of the root system.

Roots can dry out if the soil is too cold. In this case, you need to move the pot to a warmer room.

A photo

Here you can see a photo of the plant:

What if the flower is completely dry?

You can try to bring a dried plant back to life by taking the following measures:

  1. Remove all dried leaves completely.
  2. Cut off the trunk as much as possible, if there is a small piece of not dried stem, cut it to its level.
  3. Transplant the plant using the transshipment method.
  4. Moisten the soil after moving the hibiscus into a new container.
  5. Spray the plant with Epin.
  6. Cover the planting with a package, thus creating a mini-greenhouse.
  7. The package must be removed periodically for repeated treatments with a growth stimulant, and then returned to its place.
  8. In such conditions, hibiscus should be kept for at least two weeks. The success of the procedure will be indicated by the appearance of young shoots.

Houseplant care at home

  • Provide diffused light to the flower.
  • Carry out periodic spraying.
  • Keep the plant warm and avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Transplant on time.
  • Provide abundant regular watering in the spring and summer and monitor their moderation in winter.

Exotic handsome man hibiscus cannot be called very whimsical in content... Compliance with simple rules of care is useful not only for the plant, but also for its owner, as it helps to avoid the hassle of urgently eliminating defects and diseases.

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