Is it possible to speed up the germination of seeds - how to sow parsley so that it sprouts faster?

Parsley is an unpretentious plant with a recognizable taste that will decorate any dish. It contains folic acid, useful for the brain and heart, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B12, PP and other elements important for health.

The root vegetable retains its properties in frozen and dried form, but the fresh shoots will give the best taste and aroma.

The article outlines the most popular ways to sow outdoors in spring, sprout parsley quickly and achieve good results.

How can you properly accelerate seed germination in the open field in the spring?

Gardeners know that sprouting parsley in soil can take 20 days or longer. Only in a practical way can you find out how good the seeds were - some may not appear at all, leaving the summer resident with a nose. Experienced gardeners use several methods to speed up germination by 3-5 times. Depending on the climate, in 4-5 days (and sometimes in 3 days), the beds will be covered with delicate greenery.

Step-by-step instructions on what to do for germination

How to plant parsley, what to do so that it sprouts quickly?

Parsley seeds contain a supply of essential oils, to which the plant owes its fragrant aroma and specific strong taste. Oils trap moisture and inhibit seed growth. In order for the process to proceed quickly, the etheric shell must be depleted.

Preliminary soil preparation

If the preparation of the beds is started in the spring, the soil is fertilized before planting. To saturate the soil, you can use:

  • ammonium nitrate (from 35 to 50 g per 1 sq. m. of depleted soil; from 20 to 30 g of cultivated) - will strengthen the immunity of plants and make up for the nitrogen deficiency in the soil;
  • superphosphate (from 20 to 40 g. m.) - will strengthen the sprouts and protect them from diseases;
  • potassium salt (20 g. M.) - will retain moisture in the soil, improve the immunity and resistance of sprouts to cold weather).

The soil is fertilized in early spring so that it has time to get saturated with nutrients.

Before sowing, the bed is well loosened 10-15 cm deep. To make the hard ground soft and porous, dry humus, mulch or sand are added to it. So it better permeates oxygen and moisture, which creates suitable conditions for the seeds.

Important observe the dosage according to the instructions - oversaturated soil can harm both plantings and people.

Material handling

  1. To remove essential oils, 2 weeks before planting, the seeds are soaked in water at room temperature for 48 hours. The water is changed at least 4 times. Otherwise, the oils will saturate it, and the effectiveness of the method will drop.
  2. Then the seeds are immersed in a growth stimulator ("Ecoel", "Humat", "Epin" or similar, infusion of aloe and ash juice is suitable) for 18 hours and dried. When using vermicompost for seedlings, it is soaked for 2 days (concentrate and water are taken in a ratio of 1 to 20).

From the video you will learn how to sprout parsley seeds in Epin:


In order for the greens to quickly sprout and appear on the table, parsley is planted from the second half of April, when the temperature no longer drops below zero. Although she likes temperatures from +18 degrees, seeds can germinate at 1-5 degrees above zero.

Leafy varieties are planted in grooves up to 7 mm deep. So that the plants do not interfere with each other, the distance between the rows is made at least 4 cm. They are planted at the rate of 0.5 g of seeds per 1 sq. M.

Root varieties are planted at a depth of up to 2 cm at a distance of up to 2-3 cm from each other in one row and up to 12 cm between rows. The seeds are covered with earth and watered well. The soil must be kept moist, but not overdosed.

Fertilizers and growth stimulants

The leafy variety often lacks nitrogen fertilizers. It will be replenished with ammonium nitrate, which is added at the rate of 5 gm.

Root parsley needs potassium-phosphorus compounds. It is fertilized with superphosphate according to the instructions. Fertilizers are applied 2 times per season and loosen the soil at least 4 times.

Stimulation methods

Experienced summer residents advise in the spring to germinate the seeds in advance before sowing in order to get quick shoots.

Here, too, there are tricks that will speed up the appearance of fresh greens.

Hardening in the refrigerator

  1. Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours.
  2. Dry slightly so that they do not stick together.
  3. Wrap in damp gauze material. Cotton pads will also work.
  4. On the 5-6th day, when the first greens appear, put them in the refrigerator right in the gauze for 10-15 days at a temperature of 0 to 3 degrees.
  5. Transfer to a warm place and dry.

As a result, preparation will take 2-3 weeks, but parsley will hatch from the ground within 5 days after planting.

Burying the seed bag

  1. 2 weeks before sowing, dry seeds are poured into a tissue bag.
  2. The pouch is buried in the ground that has not yet warmed up to the depth of the bayonet of the shovel.
  3. After 1 week, the seeds are removed from the soil.
  4. Lay out on parchment paper and dry.
  5. Make sure that the seeds do not stick together during drying.

As with cold hardening, alternating between cold and warm environments will accelerate growth. The seeds will sprout in 5 days.

Greenhouse effect

No time left for preparation? Landing on the nose? Germination can still be accelerated with thick greenhouse filmthat will keep the heat and moisture inside.

  1. Sow seeds in a previously prepared and loosened bed.
  2. Cover the planting with transparent film.
  3. Fasten the film on all sides so that it fits snugly to the ground.
  4. Once a day, in a warm season, open the film for 10 minutes to ventilate the garden.

Seedlings appear in 10-13 days. When the sprouts have 4 leaves, the film is removed completely.

What should be done to sprout in 3 days?

The germination time in open ground strongly depends on the quality of the seeds, the variety, the shelf life (after 2-3 years they germinate better), temperature, treatment before planting and the soil itself. therefore the fastest result is the planting of already hatched seeds.

To get seedlings in three days, you can use the following tips:

  1. It is worth giving preference to early ripening varieties - such parsley has the shortest period of development and growth. This means that the sprouts will sprout faster than the "long" varieties.
  2. Wrap the seeds in a rag bag and soak them in warm water until they swell.
  3. Then, for 15-20 minutes, immerse the swollen and non-sticky seeds in a 2% solution of potassium permanganate. This procedure will kill possible infections. Do not soak dry seeds - plant embryos will suffer.
  4. Rinse under running water.
  5. Place in damp gauze and germinate until white sprouts hatch.
  6. Plant the seeds in prepared soil, moisten the soil and cover with a thick film.

Reference. From early ripening varieties it is recommended to choose one of the fastest and earliest - "Astra", "Gloria", "Laika". The greens will quickly appear in the garden and grow back after cutting.

When to wait for the first leaf shoots after acceleration?

If you plant pre-prepared seeds and cover them with foil, the first shoots will delight the gardener within 7-10 days after entering the soil. If, before planting, the seeds are hardened in the refrigerator or in non-thawed ground, the period can be reduced to 5 days.

But parsley sprouting is highly dependent on weather conditions and soil depletion. Plots where tomatoes, cabbage, onions, potatoes, cucumbers or zucchini grew are suitable for her. Where umbrella plants were previously planted (celery, coriander, dill and parsley itself), it rises worse (why parsley does not rise and what to do, find out here).

The usual 20-day period for parsley seeds to sprout in the garden can be reduced to 3-5 days. For this, the seeds are soaked, tempered or heated with quicklime. Using these methods and sowing parsley 2 times a month, you can get a fresh harvest of greens until late autumn.

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