How to make horseradish on moonshine: a recipe for cooking at home, as well as the benefits and harms of tincture

Nowadays, various homemade tinctures have come into vogue - the age of surrogates has that. Such drinks are not only consumed by lovers of everything home and natural, but they are served to visitors in establishments called gastropubs. For example, moonshine infused with horseradish is now very popular - it is called horseradish.

Can such a drink be consumed? How is it useful and what is harmful? How to cook it at home? Can horseradish be used as a medicine and for what diseases? How to store? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.

The benefits and harms of horseradish tincture

This ancient drink is of great benefit as it helps in the treatment of many ailments. This treatment is called traditional medicine.

reference... The recipe for curing certain diseases can differ significantly. For example, when preparing horseradish tincture, horseradish leaves are used to get rid of gallstones, not the root.

Everything is good in moderation - this is an axiom. Do not forget that moonshine in any form, first of all, alcohol, and only then - medicine. And, of course, you should not "be treated" every day, drinking the tincture in glasses - this should be especially remembered by both men and women who claim that they drink horseradish tincture on moonshine, or, simply put, "horseradish", solely for health.

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Indications and contraindications for use

The benefits of horseradish have long been proven and it is quite obvious.


  • To normalize blood glucose levels. This is the prevention of diabetes. However, the tincture also makes some contribution to the health of already diabetic patients, even insulin-dependent ones, improving it.
  • For the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
  • With gout and rheumatism.
  • For disinfection of wounds.
  • For the prevention and treatment of stomatitis, as well as caries.
  • For the treatment of gastritis, dilution of bile and correct intestinal motility.
  • For the treatment of tonsillitis.
  • Cancer prevention.
  • For gallstones.
  • With a cold.
  • To cleanse the whole body.
  • Horseradish tincture is good for the health of men.
  • From chronic and infectious diseases.
  • For the treatment of cystitis, urological diseases, etc. - the range of application of horseradish tincture is very wide.

Horseradish is used not only in the form of a tincture, but also fresh, as a healthy and tasty seasoning. In addition, it is used externally as compresses. For example, from joint diseases.

Doctors say that even inhaling the smell of fresh grated horseradish is very useful.


  • It is used with caution in liver diseases and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys.
  • With obesity - this tincture significantly improves appetite.

With moderate use of horseradish, there is no hangover syndrome... So, our ancestors, restoring their strength through this drink, did not know headaches in the morning.

How to make a drink at home and are there any nuances in the preparation?

How to insist on horseradish moonshine and what is the recipe? There is nothing difficult in preparing a tincture of moonshine with horseradish. There are many recipes, and each of them has a right to exist - it all depends on personal tastes and preferences.

For a classic recipe for making horseradish tincture with honey at home, you need the following ingredients:

  • A liter of quality moonshine. The fortress should be approximately 45-50 degrees.
  • Coarsely grated horseradish root - one glass.
  • Honey is a tablespoon.

The answer to the question of how to cook horseradish from moonshine is simple:

  1. The ingredients are mixed in a glass container of the desired size.
  2. The jar is tightly closed and left overnight in a dark and cool place.
  3. In the morning, you should take a sample from the drink and make sure it is ready. If the infusion turned out to be not too "vigorous" according to the manufacturer, then the time of the infusion of the drink should be increased - again until the next tasting, extending the exposure for several hours.
  4. When the drink is ready, it is poured into a clean container through a sieve. Filtration can be done through cheesecloth, for example (several layers), and some even use special filters.

reference... Honey is added to soften the taste of the tincture. It should be of high quality and aromatic.

According to this recipe, you can calculate the proportions for 3 liters of horseradish on moonshine with honey.

We suggest you watch a video with the option of making horseradish on moonshine:

Horseradish can be cooked not only with moonshine, but also with alcohol and vodka. You can read about the recipes for such tinctures and how to treat them on our website.

Possible additives

Considering that this drink has its own centuries-old history, and there are plenty of lovers of such a tincture, then recipes may differ slightly from each other... How else can you make crap on moonshine?

There are tinctures with various spices:

  • Ginger.
  • Dill.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Garlic.
  • A carnation is a small piece.
  • Nutmeg - on the tip of a knife.
  • Mustard seeds - one teaspoon.
  • Lemon juice. Better to use fresh juice or lemon zest.

There is no dispute about tastes, so the choice of spices is always up to the consumer and the manufacturer of the tincture.

Do not forget that horseradish in this tincture is the main component, and everything else is just additives that must be manipulated with care so as not to spoil the taste and benefits of the finished product. The only exception is ginger - it is put in about the same amount as horseradish.

Rub the horseradish root on a grater in order to impart vigor to the drink... In some cases, horseradish is chopped with wheels or cut into strips.

Incorrect proportions: how to check?

If a person prepares the tincture himself, then he tries it during the preparation process, carefully adding spices. He adjusts the amount of ingredients, gradually gaining a rewarding experience that comes, at times, over the years. But if he uses this drink at a party, then you need to focus on the following: Having drunk a small amount of moonshine on horseradish, you need to listen to your feelings.

Must not be:

  1. Severe burning sensation.
  2. Perspiration.
  3. Desires to have a snack or drink this glass of tincture as soon as possible.

If these sensations still exist, then most likely, the proportions were violated during the cooking process. Most often this occurs due to the wrong ratio of horseradish and honey.

How to take tincture to treat disease?

Before taking a tincture for the treatment of certain diseases, it is necessary to clarify the recipe - it is different taking into account various diseases.

Take the tincture before meals, 20-30 g, two to four times a day. The tincture is taken for about a month, then a break is taken. After a two-month break, the course of treatment is resumed. Consultation with a doctor is required!

The correct dosage will show you how you feel.... The dosage and frequency of admission for all diseases is the same, but it is better to start with one tablespoon per day.

It is best to pack the tincture in small containers, since the dishes, with frequent opening, will be exposed to oxygen, due to which the liquid loses its healing properties. And since the tincture in a large bowl is consumed slowly, because of this, it may even deteriorate after a short time.

Treatment to get rid of gallstones requires special care and an indispensable consultation with a doctor! It must be remembered that a small stone can block the bile duct at any time, and this will inevitably end with an operation to remove the gallbladder!

Proper storage

The tincture is not stored for a long time - the maximum is a year and a half.

Proper storage conditions:

  • Only in sealed glass containers.
  • In a cool and dark place.

You can store in the refrigerator or cellar... In the latter case, many, according to an old tradition, bury bottles in the sand up to the neck.

Chemical composition

If you are going to be treated, then you need to know what is present in the horseradish tincture.


  1. Vitamin C... Strengthens the immune system.
  2. Vitamin B... Improves metabolism, stimulates mental activity.
  3. Tannins... Improves the digestive tract.
  4. The right carbohydrates... They are a source of energy for a weakened organism. Needed after long-term treatment or a recent illness.
  5. Flavonoids, ash, fiber... All this is preserved, given the fact that there is no heat treatment. There are many benefits of these elements, and their main merit is the neutralization of free radicals.

Consequences of abuse of the drink

No matter how much it is said that moderation is needed in everything, not everyone observes this golden rule.

Any alcohol (not even tincture) is useful in small quantities and harmful if abused.

Why is the abuse of crap dangerous:

  • Blood pressure may rise sharply.
  • Even internal bleeding is possible if you drink it in large quantities and often.
  • With increased acidity, it must be taken with caution.

A bit of history

Even before the kingdom of Peter the Great, a decree was issued, which obliged to have a fair amount of horseradish - five quarters (12, 5 liters) - at each courtyard.


  1. Restoring the strength of the peasants - their work has always been hard.
  2. For warming up those who stayed in the cold for a long time.
  3. For the treatment of colds.

So that this tincture was not intended for drunkenness, but for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Where is it used other than treatment?

Horseradish is an excellent base for cocktails. In addition, it makes a wonderful "Bloody Mary".

Traditional medicine cannot always replace traditional treatment. Before taking this tincture, you should consult your doctor. In addition, some of the components present in the drink can cause negative reactions in the body. Well, for someone, any alcohol is simply not recommended. Of course, you shouldn't use it for children under 12 years old and pregnant women.

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