Practical recommendations for growing tomato seedlings in the Chinese way. Nuances of the method from "A" to "Z"

Practical recommendations for growing tomato seedlings in the Chinese way. Nuances of the method from

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Most gardeners are engaged in growing tomato seedlings themselves. In order for the harvest to be high, they try to use different methods.

One of the most effective is the cultivation of tomatoes according to Chinese technology, which is widespread among gardeners. What is the essence of this method, its pros and cons, technology features, the procedure for growing step by step, common mistakes - further in our article.

What is this method?

The essence of this method consists in treating seeds with growth stimulants, picking seedlings with apical cuttings at the age of 25-29 days and sowing seeds on certain days. In the last century, domestic agronomists used a similar technology. The seedlings grown in this way are distinguished by a healthy appearance and a strong stem. Already at a distance of 20-25 cm from the ground, the first brush is formed. As a result, the first fruits appear earlier and the yield increases.

Pros and cons of technology

The Chinese method of growing tomato seedlings has many advantages:

  1. This is the speed of her readiness... The technique allows to reduce the time from sowing seeds to planting in open ground by at least a month. By this time, the seedlings will fully develop, she will have:
    • a complete root system;
    • a sufficient number of leaves;
    • thick stem.
  2. Tall tomatoes stretch less... And since the first brushes are formed not high from the ground, this has a positive effect on the number of ovaries.
  3. Disease resistance, in particular late blight. Such plants are easy and simple to care for.

    The Chinese technology of growing tomatoes has some disadvantages:

    • earlier sowing;
    • survival rate is 75%;
    • the mandatory presence of additional shelter to create greenhouse conditions;
    • the need for additional illumination of seedlings.


Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in advance, stratified and must be hardened (read about how tomato seeds are treated before sowing here).


The preparation of seeds for germination according to the Chinese method is carried out, taking into account the phase of the moon.

  1. Selected seeds must be wrapped in a pre-soaked cloth.
  2. Then they must be left for 3 hours in an ash hood, which consists of 2 tablespoons. ash and 1 liter of boiling water. The ash must be filled with water and left for a day.
  3. After it, the seeds are dipped for 20 minutes in a strong solution of potassium permanganate.
  4. Then they are washed several times and wrapped in cloth.
  5. Pour Epin's solution into shallow saucers, where to put the wrapped seeds and hold for as long as indicated in the instructions.
  6. Then squeeze out a little and put in the refrigerator.
  7. For stratification, the seed is placed in a plastic container, which is buried in the snow.

The soil

The soil for sowing and further picking of seedlings should be neutral - pH 6.0. Garden soil must be shed with a 1.5% solution of potassium permanganate heated to 50 ° C.

According to Chinese technology, the use of soil with humus is not allowed, because putrefactive microflora remains in it, which has a detrimental effect on seedlings. In the soil used, you can add quite a bit of bottom peat.

When purchasing ready-made soil, it is necessary to study the composition, if there is peat there, then dolomite flour or other deoxidizers should also be contained.

Chinese tomato planting procedure

Next, let's talk about how to plant tomato seeds correctly, and describe the whole process from "A" to "Z". The soil in pots in which the seeds will be sown must be treated with a hot solution of potassium permanganate. Only then you need to get the seeds out of the refrigerator and immediately start sowing in the usual way.

If you have to grow different varieties of tomatoes, then you need to get them out of the refrigerator one by one. The seeds cannot be heated.

According to Chinese technology, tomatoes are grown according to the lunar calendar. Sowing seed material is started during the waning moon in the constellation Scorpio. This contributes to the formation of a strong root system in the plant.

Sowing seeds

At the bottom of the seedling container, a 2 cm drainage layer must be poured.

To do this, you can use:

  • expanded clay;
  • broken brick;
  • small pebbles.
  1. Pour the soil treated with a solution of potassium permanganate on top, on the surface of which it is necessary to make furrows.
  2. In them, at a distance of 4-5 cm from each other, spread the seeds, sprinkle on top with a small layer and pour from a spray bottle.
  3. The containers should be covered with glass or foil and placed in a warm, dark place, near the radiator.
  4. After about 5 days, the seeds will sprout.
  5. It is very important to create conditions for changing temperatures during the day and at night: during the day, the planted seeds must be kept on a light windowsill, and at night, to reduce the temperature, put on the floor or in another cool place.
  6. The film is removed after the first shoots appear.

In order for the seedlings not to stretch out, it needs 12 hours of daylight.

Important! According to the Chinese technology of growing tomatoes, the seedlings are hardened immediately after the shoots appear.

To do this, the boxes must be taken out to a room at night, where the temperature is 3-4 ° C lower than the one in which they were previously. It will be a kind of imitation of natural conditions.


For seeds to germinate well, you need:

  • moist soil;
  • moisture retention and greenhouse effect under the film cover;
  • daytime temperature about + 25 ° С, at night + 18 ° С;
  • direct lighting.

Planting and picking

  • The pick is carried out 28 days later, when the Moon begins to wane again in the constellation Scorpio.
    1. 2 leaves should appear on the seedling.
    2. The stem is cut at ground level.
    3. After that, it is transplanted into a separate glass with neutral peat soil.
    4. Each plant is watered with 1 tbsp. water and cover with foil.
    5. Put them in a cool dark place for 5 days.
    6. It is necessary to water and ventilate them regularly.
    7. Then the seedlings are brought into a bright room, in which the temperature will be + 20 ° С ... + 22 ° С during the day, and + 16 ° С ... 17 ° С at night.
  • Watering is carried out after the earth dries up. It is impossible to fill in, otherwise the black leg disease may develop.
  • After the pick, the soil is loosened, so that the root system breathes. The plants are fed with complex fertilizers and not earlier than 10 days after planting. Then feeding is carried out after the formation of 3 brushes. Fertilizers can simply be sprinkled around the plant.
  • The bushes are formed by removing unnecessary stepchildren. According to the Chinese technology of growing tomatoes, the bushes will quickly begin to bear fruit.
  • Seedlings are planted in a permanent place in late April - early May, it depends on the climatic conditions of the region. Do not hesitate to land in open ground. Haste is also inappropriate, because tomatoes will not be able to withstand the sudden return of frosts.

The choice of a planting site for tomatoes should be carried out taking into account what used to grow in this area. You cannot plant them after:

  • potatoes;
  • peppers;
  • other tomatoes.

Seedlings are planted in the beds. At night and in cold weather, they must cover it. Although cut tomatoes do not grow much in height, they still need to be planted so that they are protected from the wind.

The day before planting, the seedlings must be well watered. You need to transplant tomatoes together with a clod of earth.... First, you need to dig a hole, then remove the plant from the cup and immerse it in the hole. Sprinkle with earth and press down. It is imperative to water it.

Common mistakes

  1. Those gardeners who do not harden tomato seedlings are making a huge mistake. Because this procedure guarantees the survival of the plant outdoors. Without hardening, it will be difficult for the plant to get used to changes in weather conditions - wind and rain.
  2. Tomatoes should not be planted too thickly, because this does not guarantee a large harvest. With a thickened planting, they:
    • grow worse;
    • bloom poorly;
    • less fruit set.
  3. In addition, plants are more likely to get sick, because moisture does not evaporate and air does not circulate. This leads to lightning-fast spread of diseases along the leaves.
  4. Another mistake is the strong attraction of the plant stem to the trellis. As a result, it ceases to grow and develop normally. Constrictions appear on it, and in the worst case, it breaks.
  5. One of the most common mistakes is incorrect watering. If water gets on the leaves, tomatoes can get sick with apical rot, so you need to pour it at the very root. This work is recommended to be performed in the evening, when the water warms up.

Now you have learned how the Chinese plant and grow tomatoes. This technology has already been tested by many gardeners.and they speak very positively about her. As a result of obtaining strong seedlings, many tasty and healthy fruits are formed.

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