Getting rid of the pest - aphids on sorrel. How can a plant be treated and how to fight?

Getting rid of the pest - aphids on sorrel. How can a plant be treated and how to fight?

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Sorrel is an early plant that emerges in spring. It would seem that what pests can interfere with its growth at such an early time, given that this product is quite sour.

In fact, many can observe small holes on the sorrel leaves by summer. They indicate an aphid attack.

How to deal with these parasites, how to protect the plant in the future, we will consider in more detail in our article. We will analyze the methods of dealing with aphids with the help of drugs and folk remedies.

How to recognize a pest?

Aphid on sorrel is a small insect - about 2-3 millimeters. From spring to the end of summer, females are born. Aphids can parasitize sorrel, forming numerous colonies, and they do this from the moment the larvae are born.

Pests feed on oxalic juice, as a result of which the leaves of the plant fade, turn yellow, and gradually dry out. Therefore, the first signs of the appearance of aphids on sorrel are yellowing of the leaves. If the affected leaf is turned over, then small dark-colored insects can be seen on it.

Why does it appear?

These insects feed on the sap of the leaves of young plants. Fading, dried leaves are of no interest to them. Therefore, they actively attack the young, soft parts of the sorrel; they settle on their lower side.

The task of every gardener is to protect young sorrel leaves from pests.

What is harmful?

These insects cause irreparable harm to the plant - lead to its death. If measures are not taken in a timely manner to destroy aphids, the vegetable grower may lose the crop. Also pests spread over time to other young plants.

How to get rid of using folk methods?

To get rid of these insects, you do not need to rush to the store to buy an effective aphid medicine. You can also do with the means at hand that are in every home.

Let's consider the most effective ways. how the plant can be treated:

  1. Baking soda. To prepare the solution, dissolve 1 tablespoon of baking soda, table salt in cool water, add a little grated laundry soap to add viscosity to the product. Process the stems and leaves with the prepared solution using a spray bottle. It is necessary to carry out the procedure every 3 days.
  2. Garlic. You can also fight insects with garlic. To do this, it is necessary to expand its arrows around the growing sorrel, and prepare a solution from the cloves. Grind the garlic to the consistency of a viscous gruel, you should get 1 glass, pour water over it. Leave to infuse for 24 hours. After this time, add a little laundry soap to the liquid. Treat the plant with the resulting drug once every 3-4 days.
  3. Ash. You should take a little wood ash, add it to cool water, the proportions in this case do not play a special role. Pour in some laundry soap, mix thoroughly. Process the sorrel with the resulting solution. Sprinkle dry ash between the beds for maximum efficiency. For the complete destruction of aphids, one such procedure is enough.
  4. Onion peel. To rid the plant of aphids, it is necessary to prepare a decoction based on onion peels. The proportions in this recipe also don't matter. Spray the resulting solution onto sorrel once every 3 days.

Important to remember! If traditional methods do not give the desired result, you need to purchase special drugs in the store.

How to deal with drugs?

There are many drugs that act to combat harmful insects. Consider how you can spray the plant. The most popular and effective are:

  1. Fitoverm. This product is intended for pest control. It is non-toxic, therefore it is absolutely safe for humans and other healthy plants that surround the affected sorrel. In order to prepare the solution, you will need to add 10 milliliters of Fitoverm to 1 liter of water, mix thoroughly. Treat with a spray no more than once a week. The cost of one pack of Fitoverma (5 ml) is 17 rubles. For one treatment, 2 sachets are required.
  2. Spark. This drug has no toxic effect, therefore it is absolutely harmless to humans and plants. The spark is available in tablet form. To use the drug to get rid of sorrel from aphids, dissolve 1 tablet in a little water, strain and add 10 liters of water. Treat with a spray bottle in the morning or in the evening. One procedure is enough to eliminate aphids. You can buy 1 pack of Sparks for an average of 15 rubles.
  3. Tanrek. This is an effective remedy, thanks to which aphids die within 2-3 days. Tanrek is moderately toxic, therefore, when using it, you should observe safety precautions: wear a protective suit, gloves, protect the respiratory tract with a respirator. To prepare a solution against aphids, dissolve 5 milliliters of Tanrek in 10 liters of water, mix thoroughly, spray on the sorrel with a spray bottle. You can buy 1 pack of this drug for about 3000 rubles. for 1 liter.
  4. Aktara. This drug helps to get rid of pests in just 1 treatment. Aktara has toxic substances in its composition, so it should be used with caution, using rubber gloves and other chemical protection. To prepare the solution, you will need 10 liters of water and 2 grams of the drug, initially dilute it in 1 liter of water. Spray on the plant in dry weather, preferably in the morning or evening. The average price for Aktar is 4000 rubles. for 250 grams.
  5. Arrow. The drug belongs to the third class of toxicity, so it must be used with caution, strictly following the instructions for use. To get rid of sorrel from aphids, you need to dilute 50 grams of Arrow powder in 10 liters of water. You need to prepare it immediately before use. Spray on the plant in the morning or evening. Carry out processing no more than once a week. You can buy an Arrow for 50 rubles. per packing.

Important! Any store-bought drug requires caution when using. All the same, one should not forget that they contain toxic substances in their composition.

How to prevent the occurrence?

In order to get a rich harvest of sorrel, to prevent the appearance of aphids, it is necessary to adhere to the following preventive measures:

  • dig up the soil in the fall, removing weeds and dried plant stems;
  • in the spring, also conduct active weed control before planting sorrel seeds;
  • process the seeds immediately before planting with special solutions.

Also you should regularly inspect the bushes for the appearance of aphids, remove damaged plants.

Aphids can spoil the quality and quantity of crops for any gardener. It is important to carry out preventive measures in a timely manner, then the sorrel will delight with its taste for a long time.

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