Advantages and disadvantages of planting carrots in granules. Details about the method and possible errors

Advantages and disadvantages of planting carrots in granules. Details about the method and possible errors

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It is not surprising that seed pelletization was invented by a farmer. Only this farmer, Masanogu Fukuoka, was still a phytopathologist, and at the same time a philosopher. He called his invention "seed balls" and it happened in the 50s of the last century.

He rolled the seeds into a mixture of clay and water and formed balls. The main idea was to protect the seeds and the land. Seeds from birds, soil from loosening. He did not plant seed balls, but simply scattered them on the field. In nature, there is no one not to dig holes and beds. It is not known if he planted carrots, but his followers learned to pelletize almost all of the small seeds.

From the article, you will learn about planting granular seeds in open ground and care, as well as how many days a carrot emerges after sowing.

What is it and how to plant it?

Now clay is not the main component in granulation. There are such devices - granulators. They are widely used in pharmaceuticals, confectionery and other industries. Everyone knows vitamins, fertilizers, food for dogs and cats. This is what the granules are.

Several layers with desired properties are applied to the active substance. These can be other substances or protective sheaths. Seeds are covered with shells with growth stimulants, fertilizers, moisture retainers: just countless.

Carrot seeds in granules are not much different from other small-seeded plants. They are burgundy balls 2.5-3.0 mm in size.

Granules (or dragees) are much larger than the seed that is in its core. Therefore, planting is easier and easier. It is easy to maintain the required distance between plants, which means that there is no need for thinning, less labor is required to obtain a crop.

The best planting methods, in which you will not need to thin out the carrots, are described here.

Landing in open ground is carried out in furrows, creating indentations for planting seeds. The distance between the furrows, the distance between the holes must be of the correct dimensions.

Comparison of regular and granular seeds

Comparison of the main parameters of pelleted and ordinary seeds is given in the table:

OptionsGranular seeds (dragee)Non-granulated (regular) seeds
NutrientsContained in granules in the required quantitiesMust be entered manually
Germination5-7% higherBelow
Germination periodExtended, delayed up to 2 weeksNormal, depending on the variety
Seeding rateEasy to maintain the correct rateIt is difficult to maintain the correct rate
Seed costMore expensive than regularCheap

Comparison by parameters allows us to conclude that the advantage should be given to granules. But this is, generally speaking. In each case, the decision must be made depending on the specific conditions. It is one thing to plant before winter, and another - in early or late spring.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Advantages of pellets over conventional seeds:

  • availability of nutrients and other substances necessary for initial growth;
  • reduction of time and labor costs for sowing and caring for plants;
  • guaranteed quality of seed material;
  • stable germination.

Of the disadvantages noted by gardeners who used planting in granules, low germination is often mentioned. Those., natural seeds often germinate better than granular seeds... Therefore, they soon switch to the usual method.

But, most likely, it is not the seeds that should be blamed, but the gardener himself. If you follow all the conditions of choice and work, the result will be decent.

Another disadvantage is the delay in the emergence of seedlings.... But here, too, the same argument can be made. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of one type of landing in front of another, and not mechanically repeat those techniques that are already used to.

Timing: when to sow?

A prerequisite for obtaining a good harvest is adherence to planting dates. They are mainly determined by the characteristics of the climatic zones. Somewhere spring comes earlier, somewhere later. In one region there are more sunny days, in another there are fewer. Average temperatures are also different.

Carrots are cold-resistant plants, so they can easily withstand temporary cold snaps.

  • In central Russia, in the Urals, planting begins in early or mid-April. Planting ends in early May.
  • In the southern regions, it is possible to plant from March until the first days of May.
  • Siberian lovers of this root crop are planted in April and May.

In all cases, it must be remembered that average daily temperatures should be stable at 14-15 degrees... At the same time, the soil warms up to 7-8 degrees, temporary cold snaps are no longer expected. But, if they do happen, it's okay. Carrots will easily survive a mine temperature of 4 degrees.

How to plant correctly so that it sprouts quickly?

Before you start planting carrots in granules, you need to thoroughly prepare. Here's what you need to do this:

  1. Prepare inventory, check its performance. These can be seeders (planters), syringes, homemade dispensers, watering can.
  2. Create the necessary supplies of vermicompost, humus.
  3. Prepare the seeds. Although the pellets are ready for planting, their condition and shelf life should be checked.
  4. Till the soil: remove weeds, dig up a bed, create furrows for introducing seeds into the soil.

The secret of a correct fit is to comply with all dimensions of the circuit elements. The elements of the scheme are furrows, their depth and distances between them, as well as grooves for planting seeds and the distance from one groove to another.

  1. Furrows are created by any device that can form a row 2-3 cm wide and 3-4 cm deep. You can use an ordinary board. The furrow spacing (row spacing) should be approximately 15 cm for early maturing varieties. If the variety is late or medium late, the distance should be increased to 20 cm.
  2. Depressions are made in each furrow, into which the seeds will be planted. Deepening can be done with a stick or a finger. The optimal distance between carrots is 5-7 cm. If you make it smaller, thickening may occur and you will have to deal with thinning.
  3. Spill furrows with plenty of water. It is useful to add a biological product to the water.
  4. Put the seeds in the hole and sprinkle with vermicompost or humus.

    Important! Seeds sprinkled with humus will sprout earlier.

Next, you can watch a video with detailed instructions for sowing carrot granules:

How to care after sowing?

Carrot care after planting is mainly about correct and timely watering. Before the period of root crop formation, watering should be done at least twice a week..

The water should be warm. Cold water can kill crops. Water consumption per 1 sq.m. soil about 3-4 liters. When the roots begin to form, water should be watered less often, once a week, but pour 3 times more water.

In addition to watering, you need to monitor the condition of the soil. Row spacings should be loosened regularly and weed control.

Common mistakes: why do they happen?

Although the planting process is not difficult, it does not always go smoothly.... Major mistakes:

  • purchase of seeds that are zoned for another locality;
  • planting granules with expired shelf life;
  • violation of the landing dates;
  • non-observance of agrotechnical terms;
  • violation of the distance between rows and crops;
  • excessive planting depth;
  • insufficient soil moisture.

Only compliance with all the rules, and a reasonable approach can serve as a guarantee of the normal development and maturation of any plant.

Below you can watch a video about common mistakes when planting carrots in granules:

What to do if it does not rise for a long time?

In general, seedlings should appear in two weeks.... But then a week passed, another, and there were no shoots. Or there is, but very little. It means mistakes were made. What can be done? There are not so many ways. Rather, only one. It is necessary to repeat the whole process again, only to do everything very carefully and accurately. But if you do not have time before the beginning of June, it is better to start preparing for the pre-winter planting.

Carrots are one of the most common and unpretentious root crops. By adhering to simple rules, everyone can get a good harvest and use all the benefits of this plant. The wonderful invention of the Japanese scientist, seed pelletizing, made it possible to get the harvest easier and more stable than ever before.

Watch the video: Planting u0026 Growing Carrots and Beets Cool Season Vegetables (June 2022).


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