Can carrots and onions be placed on the same bed? Terms and scheme of planting

Can carrots and onions be placed on the same bed? Terms and scheme of planting

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Most often, experienced gardeners try to plant several crops on the same bed at once, so that the harvest is richer, and also productively use the advantages of joint planting.

The close proximity of carrots and onions has a number of advantages. Onions ward off common pests, while carrots provide shading through their spreading tops. Planting these crops together is completely safe from the point of view of compatibility and will save space in the garden. You will learn more about the intricacies of planting these crops in one garden bed in our article.

Advantages and disadvantages

Can carrots and onions be planted side by side on the same bed? Yes, it is possible, and such a landing has its advantages:

  • Onion roots are always located well above the carrot fruit.
  • Saving space (a great solution for owners of small areas).
  • The bulbs do not constrain the carrots, moreover, due to the different ripening period, the carrots develop freely after the onions are removed.
  • By harvesting the onion crop, the soil is loosened, which has a beneficial effect on the roots remaining in the soil.

Minus one - if you plan to plant large bulbs, then you need to monitor the distance so that there is no unfavorable constraint.

The best varieties of onions

  1. Centurion.
  2. Red Baron.
  3. Kaba.
  4. Strigunovsky F1.
  5. Sturon.
  6. Leek.
  7. Chives bow.

Landing dates

When can crops be planted? Since carrots are an unpretentious culture and they can be planted at temperatures down to -4. As soon as the ground starts to warm up, you can begin to form carrot beds. To determine the timing, there are several timing schemes:

  • Late and mid-season carrot varieties are best planted from late April to early May.
  • If the soil is of medium density, the date can be postponed to mid-May.
  • If the soil is light, then even if planted at the end of May, it will also be possible to grow an excellent harvest.

Instructions on how to plant

Site preparation

The basis on the garden bed will be carrots, it is necessary to prepare a site for its requirements. Since autumn, they dig up a garden bed, maintaining a depth of 10-15 cm. If a carrot variety is foreseen with a long rhizome - up to 30 cm. It should also be borne in mind that carrots do not like manure, you should not use a garden bed that has been fertilized with them, only if at least 2 years have passed since fertilization with manure.

Also exclude infusions or solutions on manure. Fertilizers should be dominated by phosphorus and potassium. The beds must change residents, where carrots grew last year, it will be possible to plant them again only for 4 years. This crop is very demanding for crop rotation.

But on the former carrot beds, they will take root perfectly:

  • potatoes;
  • tomatoes;
  • eggplant.

Carrots should be planted in the beds of which there were:

  • tomatoes;
  • potatoes;
  • salad;
  • bow.

Cucumbers are also allowed, but if 1-2 years have passed since they were planted. This will increase both the yield and the amount of nutrients in the vegetables. In the spring, the prepared area does not need processing, it is enough to loosen the soil and supply with fertilizers.

  1. To mark the border, you will need a rope or a tourniquet, which must be stretched along the entire length of the bed.
  2. Mark the boundaries between the rows for sowing.
  3. Ash and sawdust are placed in the first furrow, seedlings are planted on top of fertilizers.
  4. The second groove is for carrots. It is either sown, or the seeds are initially glued to the paper and laid along the furrow.
  5. It is not worth ramming the rows, it is enough to sprinkle it with earth.

Further, an informative video about the preparation of the site for the joint planting of onions and carrots:

Seed preparation

Seed preparation for planting:

  1. If disembarkation occurs in early springto harden the seeds, they can be placed in the refrigerator for a day.
  2. If disembarkation occurs during a hot period the seeds are soaked, and then they hatch much faster. The seeds are placed in a damp cloth and tied.

Onion seeds are planted immediately in the ground or as seedlings. If the climate is warm, temperate, then you can disinfect the seeds by soaking them in a solution of potassium permanganate.


How to plant vegetables correctly? There are a lot of planting methods, but for a rich harvest, both onions and carrots are usually planted in one furrow.

Favorite schemes for joint disembarkation:

  1. Carrot seeds are mixed with onions and sown in one groove.
  2. The seeds are glued to paper and sown along the length of the bed.
  3. Onion seeds are stuck into the soil, carrot seeds are sown between rows.
  4. The furrows are sown with carrots, and the onions are planted in holes made with a stick.

It is preferable to plant onions at the edges, as carrots emerge later. You can plant both crops at the same time.

Read about how to sow seeds so that carrots sprout quickly here, and about manual and other seeders described here.

Primary care

  1. The onion will sprout first, it needs to be thinned and fertilized. Fertilizer solution: 1 tbsp per bucket of water. l. kerosene, superphosphate extract, ash, urea.
  2. Carrots will sprout three weeks after planting. As the first leaves appear, thin out. When the diameter of the carrots becomes 1 cm, thin out again.
  3. The gap between fruits should be 4 -5 cm.
  4. The soil must not be allowed to dry out.
  5. If the landing was in early spring, then it is necessary to insulate with any covering material.

reference! Before harvesting onions, water the garden bed so that the soil is moistened, under this condition there is no need to use a shovel, the crop can be pulled out by hand.

Read about the principles of carrot care after planting here.

Possible mistakes

Errors when planting onions and carrots together will be:

  • Insufficient spacing, especially when selecting large onions.
  • Plant onions much later than carrots. After all, its early ripening has its advantages, and late planting can also constrain carrots.

List of vegetable alternatives

Onions are not the only plant that can be planted with carrots.

  • Legumes - carrots are best planted with peas, but they get along well with beans.
  • Lettuce and spinach - greens ripen quickly and give freedom to carrots by July, plus additional loosening of the soil.
  • Herbs: sage, marjoram, calendula, rosemary, marigolds.
  • Also great neighbors will be: radishes, strawberries, tomatoes and cabbage.

Here are some neighbors to be wary of:

  • dill;
  • beets;
  • horseradish;
  • celery;
  • anise;
  • parsley.

You should not grow carrots under an apple tree, because this deteriorates the taste of both fruit and vegetable, both will taste bitter.

For those who have not yet tried a similar method of planting several crops, it is worth trying to plant one row first, in order to see at the end of the season how beneficial it is and what benefits it can bring. In addition to all of the above advantages, the garden bed on which different types of crops are planted looks attractive and original.

How to sow, how far, how to prepare the garden and all the subtleties of planting onions and carrots together you will learn from the video:

Watch the video: Planting garlic - new method of gardeners (June 2022).


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