Description, characteristics and features of growing varieties of carrots Samson

Description, characteristics and features of growing varieties of carrots Samson

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Carrots are a versatile vegetable of wide application. Salads, first and second courses are prepared from it, used for preservation. Even from the seeds, oil is obtained. It is often used for baby food, since carrots have practically no contraindications.

The Samson carrot variety is a medium late, Dutch selection. Due to its taste and unpretentious care, it occupies one of the leading places in sales. We will talk about all the advantages, disadvantages and methods of growing in this article.

Feature and Description

  • Appearance.
    1. The shape of the carrot is cylindrical, smooth, leveled. With a slightly pointed tip.
    2. The color is orange, dark.
    3. The size is large, up to 20 cm in length. The largest root crops grow up to 30 cm.
    4. Weight 150-200 grams.
    5. The core is small, orange, tightly connected to the pulp.

    The plant itself has a semi-spreading leaf rosette with green, semi-dissected leaves. The head is even, the shoulders are rounded. Ripe Samson carrots are level with the ground.

  • Variety type... Samson belongs to the Nantes cultivar.
  • Content of fructose and beta-carotene.
    1. Carotene 11 mg%.
    2. Solids 10%.
    3. Fructose 17-22 mg per 100 g.
  • Sowing and ripening time... Carrots are an unpretentious vegetable. But to get a high-quality harvest, you should follow the rules of planting and caring for it.

    Samson is a medium-ripening variety. About 110 days pass from germination to technical maturity. Sowing time is mid (end) April. But also, sowing can be carried out before winter (late October, early November), when the temperature drops to + 5Cabout.

  • Seed germination good - 80%. In this regard, a rare sowing of 3x15 cm is recommended.
  • Weight root vegetables 150-200 gr.
  • Marketable yield high - 530 - 762 c / ha.
  • Keeping quality. Samson has the ability to long-term storage - it lasts until the harvest of the new season. At the same time, it does not lose its taste and quality.
  • Assignment of the variety... Since Samson's flesh is juicy and sweet, this variety is recommended for fresh consumption and is also used for storage. Suitable for making fresh juices, mashed potatoes and preserving.
  • Regions of cultivation of varieties Samson... This variety is unpretentious in cultivation. Therefore, it is suitable both for small areas and for large vegetable gardens. Suitable for various areas of the country.

    For example, in Siberia, Samson carrots are planted either before winter or in early spring. The Urals are diverse in terms of climate types. Natural conditions in the southern and northern regions can be very different from each other. It is important to take into account that a prerequisite for sowing carrots is soil warming up. The temperature must be at least 5 Cabout.

    1. South Urals - the right temperature is already reached in April.
    2. Middle Urals - early May, provided that the snow has finally melted.
    3. Northern Urals - end of May.
    4. In the Central Region, it is possible to plan the planting of carrots after the last severe frosts.

    Farmers plant carrots for the first May holidays. When the air temperature is + 7Cabout... The southern region is characterized by its mild climate. Therefore, it is best to choose a time from 5 to 25 April for planting carrots.

  • Growing recommendations.
    1. For growing Samson carrots, fertile loose or loamy soil is suitable.
    2. The place should be lit, as it grows slowly in the shade, and this negatively affects the quantity and quality of the crop.
    3. They plant Samson carrots in a garden bed allocated for planting and dug up in advance.
    4. Also, the land must be cleared of weeds and fertilized.
    5. If the soil was dug up before winter, it must be loosened.
  • Variety resistance to diseases and pests.

    Samson has a high resistance to diseases inherent in root crops, such as:

    1. cracking of root crops;
    2. flowering;
    3. leaf disease - cercospora.
  • Ripening period... It takes about 120 days from sowing Samson's seeds to technical maturity. In the southern regions, crops can be harvested as early as the 100th day. Learn about other ripening carrots.
  • Soil types... Samson is not whimsical either to weather conditions or to soil types. However, the variety gives the greatest yield on the soil, which is well ventilated, on super-sandy soil or loam.
  • Frost resistance... Seedlings of Samson carrots are highly frost-resistant. Able to withstand temperatures as low as -4Cabout.

A photo

Here you can see a photo of this carrot variety.

A brief history of breeding

Samson is a Dutch variety - Bejo Zaden B. V. (Varmenhuizen). In 2001, it was included in the State Register of Russia for DH. It is also recommended for cultivation in the Central, Western and South-Eastern regions of Ukraine and Belarus. Carrots, thanks to their high taste and ease of care, are popular.

Comparison with other species

SamsonRed giantShantane
carotene content (%)111225
yield (kg / ha)530-770350300
weight of root crops (g)150-200150200

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. High productivity.
  2. Unpretentious in cultivation - it grows in all weather conditions and types of soil, and also does not require laborious agricultural technology.
  3. Storage capacity due to its shape - the blunt end almost never decays.
  4. Suitable for growing in any region - both in Siberia and in the south of the country.
  5. Widespread use in cooking - used for both the preparation of the first and second courses. Can also be eaten raw.
  6. Resistance to pests and diseases.

disadvantages... The Samson variety is so popular that its seeds are difficult to find in the store.

Features of the

  1. Large size of root crops.
  2. Bright color.
  3. Blunt tip.
  4. The surface is smooth.



Sowing dates for this variety are determined depending on weather conditions and the degree of soil warming. The temperature must be at least + 5Cabout... Since the seeds have a high germination capacity, sparse sowing is required for planting.

Sowing technology:

  1. on the tape;
  2. with sand;
  3. in a liquid way;
  4. coated seeds.

Landing is as follows. Furrows up to 25 cm deep are made in the selected area. Then they are watered with water and the seeds are lowered. Sprinkle on top with a small amount of peat or humus. The soil is lightly tamped, mulched and watered abundantly.


  • In the future, carrots need weeding - this allows you to increase the size of root crops and get the required amount of nutrients, especially during the growing season.
  • For proper development, Samson needs regular watering. It is produced by drip irrigation so that the seeds do not bunch up and do not wash out. A garden watering can or a hose with a diffuser is suitable for this.
  • Growth, external and taste qualities of carrots depend on timely feeding. For this, potash mixtures, nitrogen and phosphoric ones are used.

Collection and storage

  1. Samson carrots are harvested in dry weather. When the root crop is at least 1 cm in diameter. The crop must be harvested before the frost begins.
  2. The carrots are sorted. For long-term storage, they are left only without signs of disease and damage.
  3. Samson is placed in boxes, sprinkling each layer with wet sand. It is important that the carrots do not come into contact with each other. Storage temperature + 1Cabout.

Various growing problems

A distinctive feature of the Samson carrot is its unpretentiousness to weather conditions, as well as to soil types. This means that carrots do not require laborious farming techniques.

Samson is popular with farmers... First of all, he is loved for its simplicity in care and high taste. Perfect for growing, both on the territory of the Russian Federation, and in Ukraine and Belarus.

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