Azalea beauty: when it blooms, for how long, why does it not open its buds?

Azalea beauty: when it blooms, for how long, why does it not open its buds?

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Azalea is a blooming beauty that adorns not only the windowsills of their owners' apartments, but also garden plots. Despite the fact that this is a rather whimsical flower, with proper care and attention, it will delight with its lush flowering for more than one day.

This article will consider the features, period and timing of the flowering of the azalea, as well as the reasons why the flower does not dissolve its buds in due time.

Features of flowering indoor and outdoor rhododendron

Azalea blooms depend on the variety chosen. Young plants, depending on the species, may have reddish hairs on the leaves. The leaves of the flower have a very different shape: from lanceolate to elliptical.

The diameter of an azalea does not have a specific size, and it can range from two to six centimeters. The structure of the petals can be terry, semi-double or not terry at all.

Wide funnels of inflorescences are of particular value. Who can resist a flowering plant in the cold season? This is what distinguishes azalea from other flowers: it easily adapts when it gets cool, and it is in such an environment that it begins to actively bloom.

When to wait for the first bud after buying a potted plant in the store?

No need to be upset if, after buying, the azalea has ceased to bloom luxuriantly. This is an absolutely normal phenomenon, because the flower needs to go through a period of adaptation and adapt to new conditions of detention.

With proper care and comfortable conditions, the plant will begin to bloom. in due time. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that this flower does not like heat and cannot be placed on the windowsill, under which the battery is located.

This plant prefers coolness, and temperatures from +10 to +15 are more acceptable for it. Therefore, it would be best to place the flower on a loggia or balcony.

Attention! When choosing an azalea in a store, you need to pay attention to the condition of the buds and to the soil in which it is contained.

If a flower was bought in the store, which faded very quickly, then a new flowering will begin no earlier than in 8-10 months. If the flower has not bloomed yet, then it will definitely start in late autumn or winter (this circumstance depends on the variety).

The acclimatization of the azalea is considered complete after the first time it blooms. During this time, you need to pay special attention to watering, feeding, suitable humidity conditions.

How many times a year it blooms: how often?

Each plant has its own flowering period and a period when it rests and gains strength. Azalea blooms only once a year, however, this period can even reach a couple of months. Everything will depend on the conditions and content of the flower.

What's the timeline for the process?

Depending on the flowering time, 3 groups of homemade azaleas are distinguished:

  1. Early (bloom in November-January).
  2. Medium (bloom in January-March).
  3. Late (bloom in March-April).

If you plant a homemade azalea on open ground in the summer, you can see it bloom twice a year. For this, it is necessary to prepare a special acidic soil. After planting, it should be looked after as a houseplant, and transplanted back into the pot in the fall.

Garden azalea, unlike home azalea, pleases with its flowering in the summer months. For lush flowering, it is necessary to cut and pinch the shoots in time, because the more magnificent the foliage will be, the poorer the plant will bloom.

How long is the bud opening period at home and on site?

Many growers who are collectors of this plant variety successfully stimulate bud setting. When they say that flowers appear within two months, but they mean the gradual dying off of some buds and the formation of new ones. Without trying to prolong the flowering process, it will last for two weeks, but with constant control, budding reaches 2-2.5 months.

After the bud has faded, it is carefully removed, which allows the flower to focus its energies on the formation of a new bud. In order for a flower to bloom actively and profusely, proper pruning is required., which is held during the resting period of the azalea.

How long does the plant rest: the timing of the dormant period

After flowering, the azalea must be transplanted. Then the rest of the indoor flower comes and lasts from May-June to October-November. As a rule, flower crops are not touched during sleep, but this does not apply to rhododendrons.

Usually, during the dormant period, top dressing is applied, which include mineral complexes containing:

  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • nitrogen.

Top dressing must be added at the root once a week.

Home and garden azalea usually rests for 10-11 months after flowering, and this time should be used profitably so that this flower will continue to delight with its beauty.

When should you worry?

Azalea is a rather whimsical plant., therefore, the lack of flowering, most likely, indicates that the conditions of detention are not suitable for her. If we are talking about an indoor flower, then it should be rearranged to a more suitable place, to monitor the correct and timely watering, as well as the air temperature.

If not garden azalea blooms, then you should think about feeding. However, do not forget that such a flower does not bloom earlier than 3-4 years after planting.

Thus, lack of flowering is associated with errors such as:

  • The flower is located in a too dark place or vice versa in the open sun.
  • The room is very hot.
  • Lack of nutrients in the soil.
  • There is no trimming and pinching.

Any flower has its own characteristics of content, and in order for it to please with its lush flowering, you need to carefully read the conditions of its maintenance. Azalea is a rather capricious plant that is not suitable for a beginner who is not at all familiar with the rules for caring for flowers.

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