Why do azalea leaves dry and fall? Recommendations on how to save a green friend

Why do azalea leaves dry and fall? Recommendations on how to save a green friend

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The azalea, also known as the rhododendron, is one of the most beautiful plants in its family. But, being a whimsical flower, it often upsets its owners with various diseases.

Especially often, this finicky beauty dry and fall off the leaves. There may be several reasons for this, let's figure it out.

What is this problem?

A drought in an azalea can be called the period when the plant has yellow leaves that quickly fall off. It can have a different look depending on the cause of the disease:

  • only leaves can dry;
  • leaves can dry with flowers;
  • only dried spots may appear at their ends.

A photo

In the photo below you can see what the yellowing and drying of the foliage of indoor rhododendron looks like.

Consequences if the plant is not treated

If you do not take any measures, then this will quickly lead to disastrous results. After all ailment from the leaves will quickly turn into a severe form: first, the leaves dry out, then it affects the branches of the plant, and then it comes to the roots. Then the azalea will no longer be saved. Therefore, it must be treated as quickly as possible. But first you need to find out what is the cause of the drought in the flower.

Why does rhododendron get sick?

There are several main reasons azalea leaves dry out and fall off:

  • Wrong watering regime. It is recommended to water the azalea only with purified water; the leaves turn yellow from hard water. Do not allow the earth to dry out. If this still happened, then the flower must be placed in a bowl of water so that it completely hides the pot. So the flower should stand for 3-5 minutes.
  • Air is too dry. Azalea lovers even use humidifiers. But home methods are also suitable: put raw expanded clay in a pallet, constantly spray the plant. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that azalea flowers do not like this, so spraying during the flowering period will not work.
  • Drafts and temperature changes. It is better to place the plant where there will not be even a hint of a draft. In addition, azalea does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. Even to the minimum comfortable temperature of 12 °, the mode can be brought only gradually.
  • Improper top dressing or unsuitable soil. Keep track of the acidity of the soil, azalea loves just this: feed it every month, and it is recommended to completely replace it once or twice a year. Unsuitable water for irrigation can provoke an excess of calcium or alkali, which is detrimental to the flower.

    Do not forget about feeding, in special flower shops they will definitely help you with the choice.

  • Pests. Having carefully examined the flower, you can notice harmful insects on the leaves, shoots and even in the soil. Fortunately, there are many treatments available to treat, treat, and prevent pests.
  • Improper lighting. Azalea does not tolerate direct sunlight. It is better to put it in a slightly darkened place, but if it turns out to be too dark, the plant will feel bad again.
  • Transplant at flowering azalea. You cannot disturb the flower during the flowering process, this can lead to irreversible consequences and the death of the plant (is it always possible to save a dying azalea, how to revive the plant, read here).

How to determine which of the reasons leads to the death of your flower? Probably not. It is possible to determine only excluding the reasons. It is easiest to start with pests and overdrying the land, for this you just need to carefully examine the azalea. You can also try to categorize the symptoms as shown below.

What to do and how to arrange care in the following cases?

Let's figure out what to do with specific symptoms of the disease and how to prevent its further spread.

Leaves turn yellow

When the azalea leaves dry, check if all conditions are comfortable for this beauty. She may not have enough air humidity, the temperature may differ from 16-18 ° C, which is not very good. Or the plant is getting too much sunlight. Move the flower pot to a more comfortable location.

Keep in mind that when an azalea blooms, the leaves may dry out from lack of moisture.

Important! This same problem after flowering may just be a natural process that will end on its own.

What if the leaves, buds and stems of rhododendron turn yellow and how to save the plant is described here.

The foliage dries up and falls off

  • Most often this occurs from a lack of moisture or an excess of heat. Change the conditions for the flower.
  • But sometimes the culprit is the mealybug. Then you need to treat the plant with a special preparation, you can't do without an insecticide.
  • Sometimes aphid attacks lead to such consequences, if you notice it on an azalea, take a solution of soapy water and water the plant with it 3-4 times a week.
  • Lack of acidic soil can also cause such a plant reaction. Therefore, do not forget to acidify the soil once a month, and in an emergency, acidify the water to water the azalea.

Practical recommendations on how to revive the azalea if it has dried up can be found here, why the azalea sheds its leaves and how to get rid of the problem, find out here.

The flower sheds buds

  • If the painful process affects not only the leaves, but also the buds of the azalea, there is no doubt that this is fusarium.

    Important! With this disease, the leaves not only dry, but also turn pale, curling into a tube.

    Read about why the leaves turn pale and undergo other changes and how to help the plant here.

  • This happens due to high humidity and high temperatures. Azaleas can only be helped by a special solution.

    Here is his recipe:

    1. Crush 3 aspirin tablets.
    2. Toss them in the fungicide ampoule.
    3. Add some copper sulfate.

    With this solution, the flower is watered daily for 2 weeks, and then the same amount is watered with a simple solution of potassium permanganate.

Dry spots appear on the tips

  • If dry spots only appear on the tips, don't panic. This may be the natural process of shedding leaves in an azalea. But if you are sure that this is an alarming sign, then treat the plant with Epin.
  • It can also be a lack of fresh air. Then keep in mind that drafts can aggravate the situation. And be sure to check the water: it may be too hard for a delicate azalea.

How to care at home to prevent ailment?

You cannot completely protect a plant from diseases and pests, but you can protect it and prevent dangers. To do this, you just need to follow all the rules for caring for an azalea. They are as follows:

  1. Observe the lighting regime. Azalea should not be in direct sunlight, but at the same time should be in a well-lit area. Ideal if it is a UV protected window.
  2. Watch the watering regime. Azalea loves water very much, but there should not be an excess of it. The water should drain into the sump, but not stagnate there. For watering, use only settled water, in extreme cases, boiled.
  3. Maintain the temperature. This plant loves a temperature regime of 12-20 ° C. At a different temperature, the azalea begins to suffer.

    The temperature is especially important during flowering, keep it at 16 °.

  4. Don't forget the soil. Carefully make sure that the soil changes periodically, no matter what quality it is, useful substances are washed out and absorbed by the roots of the plant. Use a variety of food and pest control.
  5. Pay special attention to azaleas during the flowering period. In May, you should pinch and cut the stems of the flower, this will contribute to a more exuberant and lush flowering.

Azalea is a very finicky and delicate flower. She will delight not every owner with her beautiful buds. Only with proper careful care and adherence to preventive measures will it delight you with its beauty.

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