How to grow roots in an orchid baby and is it necessary to do this? Building methods

Orchid is a whimsical plant that requires attention and care. Therefore, it does not cost little money. A budget option is to reproduce the flower yourself. The easiest way is to reproduce by children.

In order for the process to proceed without problems, it is necessary to adhere to the basic rules when growing a plant and its processes. How to grow roots and when to expect results - read on.

Why might the shoots not have a root system?

The main reason for the lack of roots in children is considered to be improper care of the orchid by the mother, since the formation of shoots and the root system depends on her condition. Main reasons:

  • Insufficient lighting. An orchid requires a lot of light. The duration of illumination cannot be less than 12 hours a day, while the sun's rays should be as scattered as possible. If the shoot appears in the fall, then additional lighting is created for it.
  • Improper or irregular fertilization. Not every fertilizer is suitable for a particular orchid. The plant on which the babies grow requires a lot of nutrients, so it needs to be fertilized more often. Given the composition of the soil, the home orchid is fed only with liquid nutrient fertilizers, which are evenly distributed between the soils.
  • Irregular watering. If the plant is not watered during the time, then the shoots will gradually dry out, not receiving the moisture necessary for their growth.

To stimulate the growth of "children" and build up roots in a natural way, it is necessary to eliminate all the disadvantages when caring for an adult orchid.

Why is the lack of roots a problem?

The orchid requires timely and proper care, if it is healthy, then the appearance of shoots will not be long in coming. However, without a developed root system, children will not be able to properly take root and develop.

The appearing process is very easy to lose, but you cannot leave it on the "mother", since in the process of growth, the baby will take more and more nutrients, which will lead to the death of the tropical flower itself.

Do I need to build up this part?

To grow roots or not, this is an independent decision of everyone. Usually, such a question arises in florists a couple of months after the appearance of shoots. If by this time the "baby" is still without roots, then it is worth thinking about their rooting.

Is it necessary to separate the process from the mother before building up?

When growing roots, it is not necessary to separate it from the plant itself, you can try on the peduncle itself, and in the worst case, you can try to root it separately. The process of growing the roots is laborious and difficult, but as a result, you can get another beautiful orchid. Do not transplant the "baby" separately into a flower pot without roots, in 80% of cases he simply will not survive.

How to build up roots if they are not there?

How to do it artificially?

This method consists in separating the appendix from the mother, and for further building up the root system on its own without a peduncle. There are several options, consider, often used among florists.

How to grow in styrofoam?

With this method, it is assumed that the young scion will inhabit the foam that floats on the surface of the water.

  1. The first step is to separate the baby from the plant itself (it should be remembered that you need to separate it with a small section of the flower arrow, with a sterile tool, after that, the cut site should dry out a little).
  2. Take a piece of polystyrene, make a small hole in it, insert the baby into it, strengthening it in any way.
  3. Then, in a prepared container with warm water, we lower the foam with a process. It is important to make sure that the base of the baby does not come into contact with water, but is above 2-3 millimeters above the water. If you do not comply with these requirements, then the base of the appendix may simply rot from an excess of moisture.
  4. If the result is zero for a long time, then you can try to release the branch into the water, so that the base only slightly touches the surface.

How to root in a greenhouse?

In order for the baby to grow roots faster, it must be placed in conditions close to tropical. At the same time, a young shoot without roots cannot be directly placed in the substrate that is used for adult orchids. To obtain a natural environment, a greenhouse should be made, for this you need to take:

  • Plastic cup.
  • Some drainage material and some moss.
  • Plastic bag.
  • A plastic bottle.

The process of creating greenhouse conditions:

  1. First, we punch several holes in the glass for air to pass through and excess liquid to drain.
  2. We fill the glass with a small layer of drainage, put moss on top, do not tamp it, the moss should be slightly airy. For an even growth of the appendix, support should be made.
  3. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle and cover our glass with the plant. We place the glass in the illuminated place.

Ventilate the scion daily by lifting the lid for a few minutes to obtain oxygen. We spray the plant 2 times a week, but so that the water does not fall into the place where the roots appear.

Video on how to accelerate the growth of the roots of a baby on a peduncle using a greenhouse:


The method is used in cases where the process is not separated from the "mother", and the roots are built right on the peduncle itself. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Take moss and soak in warm water for 35 minutes. Wait until the moss swells.
  2. Make a lump of wet moss in the form of a nest and wrap it with thread so that it does not disintegrate.
  3. Put the baby in this nest, and attach the lump of moss itself with a thread to the base of the "mother", so that it holds firmly, but does not injure the plant itself, the leaves of the baby should come into contact with the moss.
  4. The orchid can be fixed on a support stick so that it does not bend under the weight.

If the air in the room is too dry, then to maintain the moisture of the moss, wrap it together with baby wrap, cling film or cover with a plastic bag. Thus, it is possible to create an additional greenhouse effect. Baby needs daily airing, you should remove the film for a few minutes every day. We spray moss every day.

When the root system appears, the shoot should be immediately removed from the plant.

When to expect results?

With any of the methods, on average, the process will last about 3 months, in exceptional cases it can take up to six months. But each time it happens differently, so you just have to sit and wait.

What kind of problems might arise?

In the process of building up the roots of an orchid process, a problem may arise, it is the main one.

The problem is the yellowing or drying of the appendage itself. In this case, the baby needs constant monitoring, if there is no improvement, then it is necessary to change the conditions for growing roots. To do this, you need to add light or feeding, control the humidity in the room, and the air temperature. It is impossible to create drafts and strongly cool the air.

Having decided to grow an orchid at home, you need to remember all the subtleties. The process of self-cultivation of such a beauty is long and painstaking, requiring special attention and patience. All efforts are not in vain, the flower in the future will delight and catch the eye, not only of the grower himself, but also of those around him.

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