How to grow hyacinth outdoors

How to grow hyacinth outdoors

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  • Basil

    It is necessary to prepare the site at least two months before planting the Hyacinths. You need to dig up the place to a depth of half a meter. Apply fertilizer (preferably humus). Fresh fertilizer must not be applied. If the soil is clay, it must be mixed with sand. I add a little lime to acidic soil. I plant hyacinths at the end of September.

  • Alina

    I plant hyacinths in my summer cottage in the fall, at the end of September. The planting site should be well lit so that the flowers do not obscure bushes or trees. In early spring, when the first shoots sprout, the plant must be fed and watered regularly, and fertilizer must also be applied when the flower begins to throw out the bud. Good luck, you will have beautiful flowers.

  • Atos777

    First, decide on the area where you want to place the hyacinths. They love open, unshaded areas that receive a lot of sunlight. It is better if the area set aside for hyacinths is located away from damp places with a high level of groundwater.
    These flowers are responsive to good care, so try to do everything right.
    Dig up the area in advance, carefully remove all weeds, including small remnants of rhizomes. dig holes and pour some river sand on the bottom. A layer of 2-4 centimeters will be enough. Mix the soil extracted from the hole with well-rotted humus (usually this happens in the third year) and sprinkle the resulting mixture with hyacinth bulbs placed on a sandy "pillow". When planting, remember a simple rule, you need to plant hyacinths to a depth that should be about three sizes of a bulb. This is approximately 12 cm.
    Good luck on the site and beautiful flowers!

  • Nina

    It is necessary to plant hyacinths in pre-prepared soil, the planting time is the first half of October. Plant feeding must be done when the first shoots appear. then during the budding period, as well as after flowering. I note that after the flowering of hyacinth, feeding should be carried out only with potash and phosphorus fertilizers. It is necessary to water the hyacinths regularly, but so as not to flood. With a large amount of moisture, the plant may die.

  • Evgeniya

    Hyacinths are planted in the ground in September-October so that the bulbs do not grow and overwinter. The peculiarities of growing hyacinths are good illumination (you cannot plant under trees), moisture (water regularly), fertilization and loosening of the soil. Caring for hyacinths, feeding and watering are very similar to caring for gladioli, so that I don’t tell you for a long time, you can read here vyjdut-iz-mody.html Even if you live in a warm climate, at least once every 2-3 years the bulbs need to be dug out to weed out the bad ones, after digging up the flowering improves. You need to store the bulbs in a warm room, not lower than +18, and periodically spray with water.

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