Watering the grapes

Watering the grapes

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  • Assol

    On the one hand, watering the grapes is necessary, since the lack of moisture leads to the fact that the bunches develop poorly, the berries wither, become smaller. But on the other hand, it is not recommended to overmoisten the soil - the roots may begin to rot. Hence the simple conclusion: watering is necessary and important, but in moderation. It is better to water in the evening with water heated in the sun. The frequency of watering depends on the weather. So, if in an ordinary summer you can water twice a month, then in conditions of abnormal heat, which has recently "pleases" us, watering should be more frequent.

  • Alina

    Of course you need to water the grapes, but the main thing is not to pour it. Excessive watering of the plant displaces air from the soil, and the roots of grapes cannot grow without air and over time they rot. Water the grapes, if there is no rain, you need to after 7-10 days and pour 5 to 7 buckets of water under each bush, depending on the bush.

  • Galina

    Correctly noted that grapes should be watered taking into account the soil where it grows. If the soils are sandy, you can water less often, but more. If chernozem or clay - a little more often. You should not be zealous with watering: grapes do not like a lot of water, although, like any plant, it needs watering. You can water the grapes and fertilize it at the same time, it says here, as: html / You should also take into account that if grapes grow in a thickened area, where there is a lot of shade from other plants, it is often not worth watering the bushes. They can already receive moisture when watering neighboring plants. In addition, grapes need additional watering if they grow in an open place where there is a lot of sun. If the sun is not very much, frequent watering is not necessary at all.

  • Olga

    Well, grapes are originally a southern culture, so they shouldn't be afraid of hot days. But if it's really hot, water once a week, you need to monitor the vineyard, in any case, constantly. I have it at the level of intuition, I see when it is necessary to water, then I water it, and this applies in general to all the cultures that grow with me))

  • Sergey

    The calculation is quite simple, 50 liters per 1 square meter, for one watering, if black earth or clay. If the sand, then twice as much. Water sparingly if it doesn't rain, twice a month. I repeat, you need to fill it well. Excessive moisture is contraindicated for grapes, so do not overdo it.

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