Farmer's beef is "not for people" - what's the catch?

Farmer's beef is

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9 10 Apr 2017 14:20

Hello! I regularly take beef from a local farmer for my dog. Inexpensive and very beautiful pieces for such a price - 70 rubles / kg. The farmer said that the meat "is not for people", and this gave me doubts about the quality, although the farmer, on the recommendation, supplies meat to a rather narrow circle of "dog lovers", because for such a price there is not enough good beef for everyone.

Question: what does the phrase "not for people" mean? What can be found in meat that is not allowed for humans, but that dogs can do? The meat is absolutely without a smell, the smell is normal, the texture is normal. Maybe I'm reinsured, but still…. I would like to hear the opinion of disinterested specialists. Thank you in advance.


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