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 Methods and control measures

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What is a spider mite? Spider mite - a vicious, gluttonous and prolific pest... Appearing on one plant, he will soon fill everything around.

The result of his activities will be lack of harvest, the weakening of plants and the addition of various viral diseases to them, as well as gray rot, which is carried by the tick itself.

A spider mite has appeared: what to do? Withdraw it using the usual means, impossible... After all, ticks are arachnids, which are not affected by insecticides. How to deal with this scourge?

Methods and methods of struggle

Spider mite: how to deal with it? How to get rid of this malicious pest? What are the methods involved in dealing with it?


How to kill a spider mite? There are chemicalswhich are called acaricides. They act against all vegetarians, including all types of spiderwebs.

Some can also work against insects, they are universal drugs and are called insectoacaricides.

Other remedies have a narrowly targeted effect and only work to kill ticks - phytophages... These are specific acaricides.

You can view a list of effective acaricides and insectoacaricides for combating spider mites here.


Includes several different ways to get rid of ticks:

  1. The use of acaricidal drugs biological nature... They are made from fungi that live in the ground and are detrimental to ticks. These drugs are especially valuable for their selective toxicity and environmental safety.
  2. Using natural enemies herbivorous mites. First of all, these are predator mites. They eat vegetarians without damaging any plants.
  3. Landing repellent plants near possible victims of spider mites. They have a scent that is disgusting to ticks.


How to kill a spider mite? The most ancient way to get rid of any pests. Food products are used, decoctions and herbal infusions and other plants medical supplies.

The method is good because practically does not need material investments, since funds are used that are always in the house.

If you are impressed by this particular method, read the article "Folk remedies for combating spider mites." It describes in detail the most effective and affordable preparations and recipes for their manufacture, thanks to which you will learn how to remove spider mites forever.


Creation of favorable conditions for plants and unfavorable for ticks and other pests.

Any grower uses this method all the time. to prevent the onset of pests and diseases, increasing the yield and decorative qualities of plants.

The following agricultural techniques are very useful against ticks:

  1. Digging soil in spring and autumn.
  2. Cleaning of crop residues (tops, roots, dried inflorescences, fallen leaves, rotten fruits and vegetables, etc.) and their subsequent disposal.
  3. Weed control constantly and in a timely manner, burning them or feeding them to livestock.
  4. Regular spraying and watering crops - mites do not tolerate moisture.


How to get rid of spider mites permanently? How and with what to treat the soil from spider mites? In addition to spraying with chemicals and carrying out various activities, it is necessary treat soil under plants... Why?

At certain points, ticks hiding in the soilfalling into diapause. They greatly slow down all physiological processes in anticipation of favorable conditions for life. This happens when the daylight hours decrease, the humidity is high and the air temperature drops.

If you do not cultivate the land, the mites will come out and continue their destructive activity.

For processing, you can use any acaricide... It is diluted in water according to the instructions and all the soil is well spilled with this solution.

Another way is to use chopsticksthat are buried in the ground. During watering, they dissolve and the poison spreads in different directions, poisoning the soil. In addition, it gets inside the plant and the sap becomes poisonous.

Many manufacturers produce a "2 in 1" product - it includes not only a poisonous substance, but also a complex of fertilizers. Among these sticks, the most famous are Plant Pin, Etisso, Substral, polish sticks "Green house".

Greenhouse fight

How to deal with spider mites in a greenhouse or greenhouse?

In general, the methods of struggle do not differ from the methods of struggle in open areas (in kitchen gardens, orchards and front gardens). However, there are some nuances... How to get rid of spider mites in a greenhouse? So spider mite in the greenhouse - control measures:

  1. If there are several greenhouses, the distance between them should be not less than a meterso that the ticks cannot move from one greenhouse to another.
  2. If plants allow - keep inside high humidity, which spider mites cannot tolerate.
  3. Plants must be exposed careful inspection every 3-4 days, the affected must be immediately removed from the greenhouse and burned.
  4. It is not necessary to immediately launch with "heavy artillery", i.e. use strong pesticides. Indoors, you can try first "Smoke out the pests", setting fire to briquettes of sulfur or carrying out dusting with it.
  5. It can be very effective to use predatory mites, and it is in greenhouses where it is much easier to catch vegetarians.
  6. To treat a greenhouse from a spider mite, it is necessary to use large doses and concentrations of any acaricides, and carry out the procedure several times, in order to precisely destroy the entire population without a trace. Otherwise, the remaining ticks multiply quickly and take revenge with an excellent appetite, as a result of which you won't get the harvest.

Processing in autumn

How to treat a greenhouse from a spider mite? It is recommended not to treat the soil with chemicals, but completely replace fresh.

Processing a greenhouse from a spider mite consists in the fact that the greenhouse itself (glass, frame, film) is necessary disinfect after a spider mite. It is most convenient to do this after removing the old land. For disinfection, you can use 5% copper sulfate, 4-6% aqueous solution of bleach (400-600 g of dry lime per bucket of water).

Can also be applied sulfur checkers for fumigation, which may be even more effective than washing. After all, poisonous gas penetrates where the aqueous solution does not reach.

But most correct of all combine water and fumigation treatment - in this case, sulfur combines with water molecules and forms sulfurous and sulfuric acids. They are able to completely destroy not only ticks and harmful insects, but also all pathogenic microorganisms - fungi, bacteria, viruses.

How to get rid of red spider mites?

Red spider mite - photo:

The red tick is one of the most frequent spider mites, which has an inordinate appetite and omnivorousness. It can feed on most cultivated plants, contributing to their early death.

Find it almost impossible, despite the bright red color of the body, since the size is 0.3-0.5 mm. The species is distinguished by increased fertility, rapidly increasing its population and migrating to all surrounding plants. To defeat this glutton before he destroys all the plants, it is recommended to use strong means.

First of all, tear off the most affected leaves and shoots, burn their. Wash the bushes or wipe with a damp sponge, having wet it before in soapy water (about how to get rid of spider mites with soap and other folk remedies, read here). For its preparation, you can use laundry soap or liquid detergents such as "Fairy". This will not only help clear the cobwebs, but also reduce the number of pests.

Then leave the plant alone for a couple of hours, preparing during this time the preparation in the form working solution... To kill red mites, you can use:

  1. Insectoacaricides - Fitoverm, Dursban, Akarin, Vertimek, Aktellik, Aktofit, Oberon, Kleschevit, Agravertin, Talstar.
  2. Specific acaricides - Floromite, Apollo, Envidor, Flumite, Omite 57, Borneo, Sunmayt, Neoron, Nissoran.

Having received a good result and being pleased with it, do not fold your hands! Processing must be carried out several times in order to destroy resistant ticks and possible offspring.

Read more about the use of acaricides and insectoacaricides to combat spider mites here.


Prevention of the appearance of a spider mite includes the following measures:

  1. Constant timely weed cleaning with their subsequent disposal.
  2. Alternation different types of plants in one place. After vegetables that the tick simply adores, you should plant those that it cannot stand.
  3. Always apply possible agricultural measures to any plants to create conditions unsuitable for the life of ticks. It is especially important to maintain a constant high humidityby spraying or watering on top of the crop.
  4. Inspect plants regularly, in order to detect in time traces of the presence of small pests - a cobweb and colorless dry dots on leaves and shoots.


Like any other business spider mite control in the garden, greenhouse and in the garden requires the application of physical effort, material and energy costs, dedication and hard work. For our part, we tried to facilitate the choice of a suitable drug by preparing a review of the most effective ones in the article "Means of combating spider mites".

Have a good hunting!

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