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Dracena pruning

Dracena pruning

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Question: how does the dragon grow after pruning?

I have a dracena (small trunk of happiness) that touched the ceiling and folded I cut it and now how can I do it. To replant the cut piece? And about 1 meter and a half high thanks

Dracena pruning: Answer: dracena cuttings

Dear Giovanna,
now that you have pruned your dracena, you have practically produced a cutting; prepare a jar filled with a good universal soil, mixed with a little sand and a little shredded bark; place the cuttings in the pot, burying them for a few centimeters, or fio to what not remains beautiful straight without the need for a tutor. If you wish to accelerate the rooting of the cutting, immerse it first in the rooting hormone, and then interrupt it. The rooting hormone is easily found on the market in nurseries, in powder or liquid, in both cases, immerse the cutting rapidly and then interrupt it. Water after at least a week, and continue to treat the cutting as if it were a large plant.
Also the stump of the original trunk can sprout, and probably will do before the cutting; to avoid that in the meantime it becomes the entrance door for rot and fungal diseases, and to prevent it from continuing to lose sap, cover the entire cutting area with putty mastic, because the shoots will sprout from the area below the cut.
If you wish, you can also place the cutting in the same pot as the old trunk, which is usually done by those who prepare dracena for sale; this type of cultivation, with two or more drums of different heights, placed in the same container, allows to have leaves for the whole length of the plant, and not only at the apex.
When summer arrives, if possible, place the plants outdoors, in the garden or on the terrace, in a semi-shaded area, and where the plants can receive rain water. The direct sun unfortunately tends to ruin the foliage, so you have to find a location far from direct sunlight, but still quite bright.