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Dracena marginata

Dracena marginata

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Question: dracena marginata

I have a dracena marginata, one with light green leaves and white streaks.
Along the entire edge of the leaves they have turned brown and are not dry to the touch.
I had exposed her half a day out in the sun for the first time, maybe I shouldn't have. opuure it could be that the bathroom is little, the ground is soft and not so wet.
I would appreciate advice

Answer: dracena marginata

Gentile Nella,
the dragon trees can easily live in full sun, even for many hours a day; unfortunately, however, a plant that has spent all the autumn and winter months in the apartment, although in a very bright position, is not used to direct sunlight: in order to move it to the sun, we will have to do it very gradually, so that the foliage has the time to adapt to conditions that have a decidedly greater brightness. The leaves of your dragon may suffer for this reason. But there could also be other reasons; for example, perhaps your plant has been in the same soil for some years, and therefore the substrate has been exhausted, and should be replaced; buy a good universal soil, and repot the plant. If removing it from the vase you notice that the bread of roots is now enlarged to fill the whole container, move the plant into a vase slightly more capacious than the previous one.
The dragon trees need fairly regular watering, from March to September; in winter and autumn, on the other hand, watering can be sporadic, such as to periodically moisten the soil, without soaking it; between two waterings, the soil should be very dry, because these plants bear drought very well, and instead fear water stagnation. Once your dragon is repotted, remember to water it only when the soil is dry; in the vegetative period, from March to September, you also supply a fertilizer for green plants every 12-15 days dissolved in the water of the waterings.