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Question: tulips

I have many tulip bulbs, but they cannot bloom, after the leaf is born, it turns yellow.
what can I do? thanks

Answer: tulips

Dear Elvira,
tulips are very resistant bulbous and need little care; if your tulips don't bloom, the reasons are just a couple:
perhaps they are placed in an excessively damp soil, with stagnant water, which causes diseases of the bulbs, which perish without being able to bloom;
there are too many bulbs in your flowerbed, or you have left them in the same area for too many years, and therefore they have produced many bulbils, which over the years have made the flowerbed excessively crowded, and therefore the plants are unable to develop.
The bulbs need little care, for them it is enough to have a small square of earth, a little fertilizing, and they need to be watered and fertilized until they naturally perish and become dormant. If we leave the bulbs dwelling for a long time, especially in pots, they tend to propagate, overcrowding the ground excessively; It is therefore important, every 3-4 years, to remove the bulbs from the ground, in autumn, and space them so that they are well separated from each other. In addition to this, it is essential to continue treating them, even after flowering, by watering and fertilizing them, so that they can, through photosynthesis, store enough nutrients in the bulb to be able to flower the following year. It is also important to allow the bulbs to enter into vegetative rest, leaving them undisturbed after their foliage has naturally begun to turn yellow.


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